Born 1948, graduate of Estonian Art Institute 1971.
Uses bronze, wood, stone, terracota.
Here are represented some small bronzes.
Mihail Duhomenok's compositions are full of fantasy, extraordinarily expressive. Their grotesque, paradox style accentuates the character, the state of mind, the emotions of his subjects. Behind the seemingly free negligent treatment of the material you can feel the inner tension, the calculated touch up.
The form of the portraits is more ascetic, but at the same time deeply psychological.
Mihail Duhomenok had taken part in many international exhibitions. His sculptures have found owners on all continents, except Africa and Antarctic.

Михаил Духомёнок – скульптор
Адрес: Койду, 122-22, Таллинн 10139 Эстония
Телефон: (+372) 58 04 98 12
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Фотограф – Валерий Барета
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Дизайн и создание страницы — Антон Городнянский (2007)
Телефон: (+372) 58 150 170
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